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英国阿尔斯特大学University of Ulster毕业证样本展示

英国阿尔斯特大学, University of Ulster毕业证样本展示

 英国阿尔斯特大学, University of Ulster毕业证样本展示| 文凭制作|学历认证|留信网认证| 成绩单修改|| 回国证明认证  如有需求+客户微Q:1702216666|











Northern Ireland is part of the UK and is located in the northeast of the island of Ireland. The capital is Belfast.
The climate here is a temperate maritime climate with annual temperatures between 0 and 20 degrees, like Belfast's average temperature of 6.5 degrees a year in January and an average temperature of 17.5 degrees in July. The green belt that can be seen everywhere in the north makes the air here fresh and natural, and people feel the beauty of nature from time to time. The citizens of Northern Ireland can sing and dance, and the regional flavor is full. This is also a good place to travel. In the meantime, Belfast The Titanic Visitors Center, which was built on the site of the Harlan Wolff Shipyard that built the Titanic that year, has a six-storey building and will feature 4,000 items related to the Titanic. There is also the world of giants, the famous Carricks Bridge, and the remains of the medieval castle - Dunluce Castle and Belfast City Hall
Second, on the advantages of studying in Northern Ireland
1. Northern Ireland is a pure English-speaking country. Due to the reasons of the previous history, it has once become a controversial place. Here, 40% are Irish and 60% are descendants of British immigrants. Here you can fully feel it. Cultural feast. Talking about the pre-history here is like a foreigner talking about the pre-history of the Chinese Cultural Revolution. It was a thing that happened, and it is different from the North Love that people think.
2. The traffic of Bei'ai is booming, the railway network is dense, the railway line is north to Delhi, and the south is the capital of Dublin, Ireland.
3. The education system is sophisticated and basically the same as the British education system.
4, the cost of the days of Northern Ireland is relatively low (British Telegraph query shows that the cost of studying in Northern Ireland is the lowest.) Here, especially the rent, 40-60 pounds per week, and high in London More than one.
5. The citizens of Northern Ireland are warm and friendly, and the criminal crime rate is the lowest in the UK. According to United Nations enquiries, Belfast is the second-largest safe city in the world and the most suitable city in the UK.
6. The establishment of the Confucius Institute will make a great contribution to the promotion of the culture of the two places.
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