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英国牛津大学1,University of Oxford毕业证样本展示

英国牛津大学1,University of Oxford毕业证样本展示

英国牛津大学1,University of Oxford毕业证样本展示|文凭制作|学历认证|留信网认证| 成绩单修改|| 回国证明认证  如有需求+客户微Q:1702216666

牛津大学(University of Oxford),简称"牛津",位于英国牛津,是一所誉满全球的国际顶级研究型书院联邦制大学,与剑桥大学并称牛剑,与剑桥大学、伦敦大学学院、帝国理工学院伦敦政治经济学院同属"G5超级精英大学"。

牛津大学最早成立于1167年,为英语国际中最陈旧的大学,也是国际上现存第二陈旧的高等教育组织。 涌现出一批引领时代的科学巨匠,培养了大量开创纪元的艺术大师以及国家元首,包含了27位英国首相、64位诺贝尔奖得主以及数十位国际各国元首和政商界领袖。这些都为牛津大学奠定了国际近现代学术文化中心的位置。其在数学、物理、医学、法学、商学等多个范畴具有崇高的学术位置及广泛的影响力,被公认为是当今国际最顶尖的高等教育组织之一。







The University of Oxford, referred to as "Oxford", is located in Oxford, England. It is a world-renowned international research-based academy of federal universities. It is also known as the Niu Jian with Cambridge University, with the University of Cambridge, University College London, and the Empire. The Polytechnic Institute and the London School of Economics and Political Science are both "G5 Super Elite Universities".
Founded in 1167, Oxford University is the oldest university in the English-speaking world and the second-oldest higher education organization in the world. A number of scientific masters who have led the times have emerged, and a large number of art masters and heads of state who have created the era have been trained. They include 27 British Prime Ministers, 64 Nobel Prize winners and dozens of international heads of state and political and business leaders. These have laid the foundation for the University of Oxford's international and contemporary academic and cultural center. It has a high academic position and extensive influence in mathematics, physics, medicine, law, business and other fields, and is recognized as one of the top international higher education organizations in the world.
The university's energy embodied in Oxford University is that there is an absolute search for excellence. Whether in teaching or research, you will never be satisfied with the status quo and continue to seek the ultimate.
In September 2016, Times Higher Education released the 13th edition of the International University Rankings for 2016-2017, with Oxford ranked first.
Higher education in the UK requires that colleges and universities do not need to take another entrance exam. They can enter the university with the results of secondary school graduation. However, they must register separately in Oxford and Cambridge. The procedure is generally like this: First, the middle school students who want to register need the middle school teacher's principal to recommend one year before enrollment. Therefore, students who are excellent in results are generally registered. Then Oxford and Cambridge are primaries in the enrolled middle school students, usually 3-5 times the enrollment. Some engineering majors may be lower, while others such as medical science may be more than 10 times.
Admission to Oxford University requires the consent of the university department and the college. Oxford's initial selection of students will be tested at Oxford's college at the end of the year. The exam is usually three days and includes a written exam and several interviews (oral exam). The students who passed this time can get the conditional selection, which is the result of the middle school graduation examination in the second year. The general requirement is that all three main lessons are A. But for a colder major or a student who really wants it, it may be low. Students who have received this selection will be able to enroll after the holidays if they get the results they need in the June exam.
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