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英国埃克斯特大学University of Exeter毕业证书|文凭制作

  英国埃克斯特大学University of Exeter毕业证书|文凭制作|学历认证|留信网认证| 成绩单修改|| 回国证明修改  如有需求+客户微Q:1702216666

The history of the University of Exeter can be traced back to 1855. It is located in Exeter, the capital of Devonshire, England. In 1955, it was promoted to the University by the Royal Warrant and officially named Exeter University. The College offers preparatory, undergraduate, master's and doctoral courses such as accounting and finance, animal behaviour, archaeology, microbial science, commerce, management and leadership art, classical literature and ancient history, computing and information technology, drama, economics, engineering, English, film research, geography, history, international relations, law, mathematics, modern language and philosophy. Science, Physics, Politics, Psychology, Radiography, Sociology, Religion, Belief, Translation, Zoology, Surveying and Land/Environment Management, Renewable New Energy, Natural Environmental Protection Biology and Ecology, etc. In 2001, the University of Exeter assessed the scientific research level of British universities, 98% of the research projects ranked in the international and domestic advanced level, and more than half of the disciplines were rated 5 or 5* (international advanced level). In recent years, the University of Exeter has risen sharply in the rankings of various universities, ranking ninth in the Times 2010 
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