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  Group and the LERU. Edinburgh University is famous for its excellent and diverse teaching and research. College courses are diversified, encouraging students to study interdisciplinary and conferring joint degrees. Extensive courses are offered at the same time. Students can study non-degree courses for one year abroad. The University of Edinburgh has eight colleges: the Academy of Arts, Law, Theology, Science and Engineering, the Academy of Social Sciences, Veterinary Medicine and the Conservatory of Music. The university has 120 departments and offers more than 300 degree courses. Hot courses in schools include: Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Chemistry, Computer Science, Geology, Mathematics and Statistics, Physics, Finance and Accounting, History, Social Work, Sociology, Cellular and Molecular Biology, Organic Biology, Veterinary Medicine, Anthropology, Sociology, Architecture, Civil Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Chemistry, Computer Science, Law. Law, geology, mathematics and statistics, physics, finance and accounting, cell and molecular biology, etc. The University also offers language courses for students who have a certain basic knowledge of English to help them complete their studies smoothly. The English courses offered by the school have been certified by the British Council. In the comprehensive ranking of Higher Education Universities of the Times in 2011, Edinburgh University ranked fifth in Britain and 36th in the world. QS ranked 17th in the comprehensive rankings of world universities in 2013 and 2014.
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